How to Get Free Stuff from Sephora: Gifts, Samples, Makeovers and More

Sephora is like the cave of wonders for us beauty junkies. There are so many sections to play around in and it is a great place to experience new product launches. Although, some people can be turned off by the prices of the lines and products on display as Sephora does tend to carry higher end product lines and that can be intimidating for some. What if you spend that much money on a new moisturizer only to get it home and hate it? Well not only do they have a great return policy in those instances, but did you know you can sample products before you buy them? In fact, did you know there are a whole host of free offerings at Sephora? In today’s blog post, I’m going to share how you can get free stuff at Sephora including gifts, samples, makeovers and more.

Sephora Beauty Insider

My first tip is really a simple, no brainer one but very few people actually take advantage of this one. Sephora has a rewards/loyalty program called Beauty Insider. There are many benefits of signing up for this program such as rewards points that you can use toward free deluxe sized samples and more. There are three tiers depending on how much you shop at Sephora and each tier has extra added benefits of the previous one.

Being a Beauty Insider also helps to alert you to when there are specials, gift with purchases, special events and more. My favorite part of being a Beauty Insider is the birthday gift you receive. You will receive a lovely, deluxe sample set during your birthday month. The birthday gifts for 2019 include:

Kat Von D Beauty Tattoo Liner, Setting Powder and Lipstick Set

Drunk Elephant Moisturizer and Cleanser Set (which is the one I picked up)

Milk Makeup Mascara and Cooling Water Set (VIB and Rouge Members only)

250 bonus points for VIB and Rouge Beauty Insiders

All you need to do to sign up is give your name, phone number and email. Through the app you can save products in a wishlist, look at past purchases and more. It’s super helpful and easy.


Samples are a great way to try a product before you buy a product. But as someone who worked in the Beauty Biz for decades, you don’t want to go in and just ask “Can I have some free samples?” It’s a beauty store, not a time for trick or treating.

Beauty Advisors don’t mind creating and giving out samples, if you ask for a specific product to try. Say you are curious about the new moisturizer from Tatcha, then go in and ask for a sample of that specifically. It shows you are really interested in trying a product and you might convert that to a future sale.

When I worked as a makeup artist in the biz, I would love to sit people down, ask them questions about their needs and make some recommendations. Then I would offer samples of what they didn’t purchase so they could take it home, fall in love with it (like I knew they would) and then come back and buy it. And guess who they would come back to buy it from? ME! Why? Because I gave them a sample and turned them onto a new product.

Sephora has three zones: color, skincare and fragrance. You can usually get up to three samples from each zone, so don’t be afraid to ask. But remember to have a specific product in mind that you ask for. I like to look at the products I have saved on my wishlist in the app that I’m already thinking about purchasing and asking for a sample of that. Try before you buy!

I even learned recently, that they can save your samples in your app so if you lose what they wrote down for you, say the foundation color, it is stored in your Sephora Beauty Insider app to refer back to. Gotta love technology!


We don’t often think of services as a “freebie” but Sephora offers a few services that it would be beneficial to take advantage of. They offer free express makeovers that are a great way to try products out and get the advice from a Beauty professional. They include:

Mini Facials

Flawless Foundation

Smoky Eye


Treat and Conceal and many more

One of the services they offer that I love is their unique Color IQ Foundation Matching. A small camera takes a picture of your skin and finds your unique tone and assigns it a code. Similar to like a Pantone color code. Then they can match you up with every single foundation they carry in store. That is amazing! And it’s a great way to find your color across foundations if you are moving from one makeup brand to another.

In addition to the services they offer on a regular basis, they often have special classes that you can sign up for. These are like group classes where a demo will be done and you get the chance to learn from a professional in the Beauty Industry. These include:

Contouring and Highlighting

Day to Night Smoky Eye

Skincare Basics

False Lashes

Brow Shaping and more

As you can see there is a lot to take advantage of for free at Sephora. There is even more we didn’t even touch on such as gift with purchases often offered by brands, season discounts and sales, freebies from special events and more. Please let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips and tricks for freebies at Sephora.

Also make sure to watch the video below to find out more about the tips and tricks in this post. Stay fabulous!!

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