Row House Winter Park

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I recently got to try a class at Row House in Winter Park before their official opening day. I’ve recently started doing F45 classes that sometimes encompass the rowers and I love the feel of the workout on the rowers, so I was excited to try a whole class dedicated to the rowing machines.

Row House Winter Park

Row House offers 45-minute rowing workouts that are low-impact but high-intensity. There are different class structures so what you do during the 45 minutes depends on which class you take. During my class we spent some of that time on a rowing machine and some of it on the floor doing strength training exercises with hand weights.

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I was greeted warmly upon arrival and given a tour. You will sign in to your class at the front desk on iPads. When you sign in you will be given a number that is assigned to a rower so you know where you will positioned in the class. They also have lockers and bathrooms for your use.

I met with Releen, one of the Rowing Coaches, who showed me how to use and setup the erg. Releen started the class explaining how to properly sit on the rower and how to row through a full stroke.

The Rowhouse Rowing Workout

The class was a blast and went by quicker than I had thought. We did a combo of drills on the rowers as well as standing work off of the rower with hand weights for a full body workout. Then we went into several different drills where we focused on increasing our average stroke, distance, etc. I have never taken a full rowing class so it was nice to have the stroke method and numbers explained. It was helpful in motivating yourself to work harder.

The class is set to an awesome music playlist so it helps you get into a groove of powering through the rowing strokes. During class, Releen and another coach, Nicole, would come by and individually offer tips as well as motivation to dig deeper and push harder. I loved the individual coaching like that because it really motivates you. You won’t feel lost in the class like I have in other groups settings at other fitness studios.

The other aspect of Row House that I loved was the monitors in the studio. While you can track your individual numbers on your rowing machine, you can see the class combined totals on an over head monitor. We did drills to work together to hit targets so that they whole class felt like they were rowing as one, similar to how an actual rowing crew would work together to achieve a goal. I LOVED that community feeling of working together in a class setting like that.

After class you receive an email with your numbers such as distance rowed, your average split and your best split time. I didn’t use the Row House app, but I think those numbers are also displayed in the app. Also, in the app your numbers are kept in a history to show your improvement over time.

I was so pumped after class that I really wanted to buy a package. I will definitely be back to try more classes, but I might just do drop ins. It is a bit of a drive for me so I’m not sure how often I would be able to get up there for classes. However, I am hopefully moving to that area or at least closer in the next few months, so maybe I will become a regular?

Overall it was a fun and great workout. I was already sore after leaving class but felt great and ready to tackle the rest of my long day ahead. Definitely go try Row House out in Winter Park and tell them Christopher Cupcakes sent ya!

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