Barnie’s Coffee and Tea in Winter Park

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Barnie’s Coffee and Tea

When I first moved to Orlando in 1999, I worked in a salon in the Florida Mall as a hairstylist, esthetician and makeup artist. One of my favorite parts of working in the mall was the Barnie’s Coffee and Tea shop. I used to treat myself to a cup of their coffee on my lunch break everyday, and this was before Starbucks was a thing in the area.

During the holiday season, they would release Santa’s White Christmas and it was always a special part of my holiday traditions to get a cup. Then I left Florida in 2001 and always missed Barnie’s. I’ve never had another cup of coffee as good as Santa’s White Christmas since. While I am a Starbucks Boy, nothing beats Barnie’s.

Fast forward to Spring of 2018 when we moved back to Florida. I was surprised to see Barnie’s being sold in Publix stores. Gone was the location in the mall, but now I could get them anytime at my local Publix. I was over the moon happy to have my Santa’s White Christmas all year long now.

I recently found out that they are actually a local coffee company out of Winter Park and even have the original coffee shop location still open on Park Avenue. I’ve been begging Matt to take me for awhile now and when we looked at their website and realized that they also serve food, we had to go. So we took a trip up to Winter Park on a beautiful Saturday morning for breakfast and to pick up some coffee flavors that they do no sell at Publix.

winter park, winter park florida, winter park coffee shop, barnies coffee and tea,

Besides coffee and tea, Barnie’s has a great menu that includes breakfast items like bagels, French toast, eggs Benedict, breakfast burritos and more. In addition to baked goods and breakfast, they all also serve lunch.

I opted for the avocado toast and it did not disappoint. The multi-grain bread was big and hearty, just full of deliciousness. The avocado mash was citrusy and full of cilantro. It was so yummy that we were inspired to make our own avocado toast for breakfast the following week. Although, ours did not live up to the Barnie’s version.

winter park, winter park florida, winter park coffee shop, barnies coffee and tea,

We also got a Santa’s White Christmas Brownie to go. I’m not sure if they add the coffee or just the same flavorings, but that brownie was delicious. It was like a salted chocolate torte and super delicious. In addition to breakfast I stocked up on coffee to take home, including some interesting flavors that I had not seen in my local Publix.

winter park, winter park florida, winter park coffee shop, barnies coffee and tea,

Looking at all the flavor options at Barnie’s I had to reel myself in. I was like a kid in a candy shop. I narrowed it down to three: Cotton Candy, S’mores and Santa’s White Christmas of course. Barnie’s carries so many unique flavors that it was hard to choose. While I can get Santa’s White Christmas all year now at my local Publix, I still had to pick this one up because it is probably my most favorite coffee ever. Yeah, it’s that good.

winter park, winter park florida, winter park coffee shop, barnies coffee and tea,

While I LOVE Cotton Candy, I was unsure about Cotton Candy flavored coffee. I mean…what?! However, this one is amazing and perfect iced. It is both fruity and caramel/vanilla flavored. The S’mores coffee is just as you would think it would taste, chocolatey and with notes of toasted marshmallow.

If you have not tried Santa’s White Christmas, it is probably Barnie’s top selling coffee. It is so loved that many local food spots have treats inspired by it. Like Santa’s White Christmas cookies from Gideon’s Bake House and Santa’s White Christmas ice cream from Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream. Santa’s White Christmas has notes of coconut, vanilla, caramel and nuts. It is truly amazing.

I do believe that breakfast visits to Barnie’s Coffee and Tea Shop are going to become a regular thing in our house. I need to try more of the delicious food offered on the menu and stock up on more flavors of coffee.

We are looking at moving to either the Winter Park or Downtown Orlando areas, which will put us even closer to Barine’s Coffee and Tea. Another plus to moving! I highly recommend if you are in the Orlando area to pop up to Winter Park and visit. Have them brew you a cup of deliciousness and tell them Christopher Cupcakes sent ya!

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