Hand and Stone Spa In Windermere

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While I am a licensed Esthetician and self professed skincare junkie, I no longer work in the business. Personally, I just got over having to work nights and weekends all the time. But there is one thing I miss: the free facials! My coworkers and I would often trade services in the down time between our appointments. “Girl, it’s slow, need your eyebrows waxed”? “Oh yes honey, I’ll give you a facial in trade!”

While there is so much that can be done with a good skincare routine home, it only goes so far. However, getting a facial at a spa by a licensed professional is taking your skincare to the next level. You can get professionally done extractions and have professional grade products used. The end result is you leave absolutely glowing more than you can ever get at home.

hand and stone massage, hand and stone, massage in Orlando, facials in Orlando,

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Typically, when we travel, I will get facials done where ever we stay. I even usually book these services to pamper myself when we are on cruise ships. Treating yourself to a facial, mani and pedi while at sea is truly a luxury. So I was beyond excited when my husband surprised me with a gift card for a facial for our anniversary back in November. However, I held onto that gift card until I was on Winter Break in December so I could take one day to pamper myself during the break.

I booked my day of pampering at the Hand and Stone Massage and Spa location nearby in Windermere. Hand and Stone is a franchise massage and spa business with multiple locations throughout the United States including Arizona, Alabama, Florida, and many more. Hand and Stone offers both massage and aesthetic services including Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue, Hair Removal, Facials and more.

hand and stone massage, hand and stone, massage in Orlando, facials in Orlando,

I booked a Collagen Facial and arrived promptly for my appointment. The front desk staff was very friendly when they greeted me and checked me in. Since I was new to Hand and Stone, I had to fill out new client paperwork which is pretty standard. I really like that their check in paperwork included a spot to write in what products you were currently using. That is a great conversation starter for a technician to get to know your skin and what you are currently using.

The lobby is very calm and relaxing, it is also spacious and was pretty busy when I sat down. They have water on hand to offer you upon check in as well which is a nice extra. After filling out my paperwork, my technician, Kristin, came out to greet me and took me back to the treatment room.

The treatment rooms are so lovely as you can see in the above picture. Kristin and I talked a little about my skin and what products I was using. She told me that I had a pretty advanced skincare routine. Why thank you! She also told me that my skin looked pretty good. So it does pay to take care of your skin people! We went over what my facial would entail and then she left the room for me to get set up on the bed.

hand and stone massage, hand and stone, massage in Orlando, facials in Orlando,

Kristin was super professional and I love that she talked me through each step as far as what she was doing, what product she was using and the purpose of each one. As someone obsessed with skincare, it was nice to have a conversation with her during the process.

Kristin had a great touch and my skin was glowing when I left. After my facial, we talked about products and she made some recommendations for me at the retail shelves. I highly recommend them and will definitely go back to Kristin for another facial. I am also hoping to book a massage there at some point.

Do you get professional facials done on a regular basis?

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